Eternal Night
Eternal Night
Card name:
Eternal Night
Players may play any number of Danmaku cards each turn.

Collect the top card of the deck during your incident step.

Collect any Danmaku cards.

Resolution: Collect 12 cards.

Card FAQ and errata

  • This incident collects at least one card on each player’s turn during the incident step, as well as any Danmaku cards that enter the discard pile.
  • When this incident is resolved, the number of Danmaku cards played so far in the round are still counted to a player’s Danmaku card limit. For instance, if a player can normally only play two Danmaku cards per round, but plays three Danmaku cards before Eternal Night is resolved, that player will be unable to play any more Danmaku cards this round unless some other effect increases that player’s Danmaku card limit to four or higher.