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Danmaku!! English Edition


$29.99 USD ($5 off!)

Danmaku!! is a Touhou-themed card game for 4-8 players, created by fans for fans.

Choose your favorite character and visit the fantasy world of Gensokyo. Here, incidents keep occurring one after another, and as usual it’s up to the heroine to put a stop to it. Figure out who’s friend and foe, and utilize the Spell Card system to blast them out of the sky.

Danmaku!! is not a trading card game, so you can play with up to 8 players with a single copy of the game. With its gorgeous anime-style illustrations and shoot’em-up inspired mechanics, Danmaku!! is a love letter to the Touhou franchise that can be enjoyed by fans of Touhou and card games alike.

Danmaku!! Lunatic Extra

$29.95 USD


Lunatic Extra is the first expansion for Danmaku!! It doubles the number of playable characters, adds 20 more powerful cards to the battle deck, and 40 new super-powerful Lunatic cards.

If you’re like to test the expansion, a Print and Play version is available here. Tabletop Simulator files are available here.


$19.99 USD

Size: 14 inches by 24 inches
Thickness: 1/16 an inch
Smooth cloth top with rubber bottom for traction
Vibrant Colors
Machine Washable

The Gensokyo the Gods Loved

Poster Subscription

$250 USD

For the divine fans. This poster subscription contains gets you all current posters plus all future posters. New posters will be shipped when released.
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Landscape Posters

$9.99 USD

Size: 11″ x 17″


Character Card Posters

$9.99 USD

Size: 17″ x 11″


Other Things

Lunatic Extra Shirt – $12 (50% off)

Unisex 100% Cotton T-Shirts


Decal Pack – $4.99

Two 3″ Lily White decals and one 4″x2″ Danmaku!! decal