Danmaku!! College Club Program
Danmaku!! College Club Program The Danmaku!! College Club Program has ended, thank you to all the participants.

Are you a college or university student? Are you in an anime, gaming, or Japanese culture club? Apply to join the Danmaku!! College Club Program and your club could receive free copies of Danmaku!!, expansions, and unreleased cards!


Clubs that are selected to be part of the Danmaku!! College Club Program receive the following*:

  • One copy of the Danmaku!! base game
  • One copy of the Lunatic Extra expansion
  • Physical versions of select cards from our Patreon rewards

* As supplies last. Remaining stock is extremely limited for Lunatic Extra and certain cards, so apply soon!

Please note that the games sent as part of this program may include copies with boxes that were damaged in transit. The cards themselves should be undamaged.

Danmaku!! Playtest Program

In addition to the cards sent as part of the College Club Program, particularly active and engaged clubs may be selected for the Danmaku!! Playtest Program. Participating clubs will additionally receive physical copies of unreleased or development versions of cards, decks, and/or expansion material. In exchange, we request that Playtest Program clubs stay in regular contact with Mystery Parfait so we can collect feedback on these cards. Your feedback can shape the final version of the game!

Playtest Program cards will be sent at a later date separate from the cards sent as part of the College Club Program. We can’t guarantee when, which, or how many rounds of playtest cards will be sent out, or to which clubs.


To participate in the Danmaku!! College Club Program, you must be a representative (such as club president) of an officially sanctioned student club affiliated with a college or university. The club must:

  • Primarily focus on a related topic, such as anime, manga, card games, tabletop games, Touhou, or Japanese culture
  • Be a public club open to all students at your university
  • Have at least six active members
  • Meet in person at least once a month*
  • Have an affiliated university faculty advisor

Due to shipping costs, the program is currently limited to colleges and universities in the US and Canada.

* We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and that this may impact in-person meetings. Contact us if you have questions, and please keep your meetings safe and responsible.

How to Apply

If your club qualifies, fill out the following form and have your faculty advisor send it from their .edu email address to contact@mysteryparfait.com and CC your club representative.

  • Name of Club:
  • College or university:
  • Club representative’s name:
  • Club representative’s email address:
  • Club Discord server link (if available)
  • Faculty advisor’s name:
  • Faculty advisor’s title/position:
  • Faculty advisor’s email address (.edu):
  • A short pitch about your club’s purpose, members, activities, and how it relates to Touhou and/or card games
  • Physical mailing address (to ship the cards):
    • Club name or student representative
    • c/o advisor’s name, university, or department
    • PO Box or Street Address
    • City, state, zip code


Clubs that are selected from applicants to be part of the Danmaku!! College Club Program will be contacted by email. Not all qualifying clubs may be selected, and the selection process is at the sole discretion of Mystery Parfait.

The first round of clubs should be selected by Spring semester of 2022. There is no deadline and additional clubs may be selected as long as supplies last.

Good luck and happy shooting!