Card name:
Main deck
Point value:
Card types:
Invocation / Reaction
Activate your Spell Card.
You can only activate one Spell Card per round.


Play this when another player plays a Danmaku card or activates their Spell Card.

Cancel that card.
M. Beatriz García

Card FAQ and errata

  • You can use a Bomb to cancel a Spell Card regardless of what method was used to activate it.
  • The second option is independent of your limit on playing one Spell Card per round. You may use a Bomb to cancel a Spell Card during a round you have already activated your Spell Card and vice versa.
  • If a player plays a Bomb card, choosing the second option to cancel a Danmaku or Spell Card, you cannot use another Bomb card to cancel the first Bomb.
  • However, if a player uses a Spell Card (such as Kamishirasawa Keine‘s “Phantasmal Emperor”) to cancel another player’s card or Spell Card, you may cancel that Spell Card with Bomb. In this case, the original Spell Card is no longer cancelled. If no other player cancels the original Spell Card (such as with another Bomb or Spell Card), it resolves like normal.