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Main deck
Point value:
Card types:
Choose any Item in play.

You gain control of that Item.

Card FAQ and errata

  • If you use “Borrow” to gain control of an Artifact card when you already control an Artifact, you must then immediately choose one of them to keep and discard the other. You can choose to discard the artifact you gained with “Borrow.”
  • Gaining control of an Item does not count as it entering play, so you will not immediately draw a card off of Sorcerer’s Sutra Scroll if you take control of it using “Borrow”.
  • However, you still get the benefits of gaining control of an item or losing control of an item. For instance, you still gain 1 life by using “Borrow” to gain control of Hourai Elixir, and you can still draw a card from the Lunatic Deck if you gain control of a Seven Star Sword and immediately discard it.