Fairy of the Ice
Cirno has +2 Range.

Players at a distance of 1 from Cirno are not considered in range if there are two or more other players. She may still attack a player by going around the circle.
Spell Card:
Freeze Sign — “Perfect Freeze”
Spell Card timing:
Spell Card text:
Attack a player in range. They must skip their next turn.

Players cannot skip two turns in a row, but you may still target them.

Card FAQ and errata

  • Cirno’s Ability only prevents Cirno from choosing players when those players must be in range of Cirno. If a card or ability allows a Cirno to choose or attack a player regardless of range, Cirno may choose players that are at a distance of 1 from her.
  • Cirno’s Ability counts the total distance from Cirno to the player. If a player’s distance from Cirno increases, such as with a Focus card, Cirno will be able to attack them.
  • If Ibuki Suika uses her Spell Card “Gathering and Dissipating” to set the distance between all players to 1, all players will be considered not in range for Cirno. If Suika chooses a number greater than 1, they will be in range for Cirno if Cirno’s total range is equal to or greater than the chosen number.
  • You can use “Perfect Freeze” against a player even if they skipped their previous turn. The part that says they must skip their next turn is ignored, but Cirno will still attack that player.
  • Players cannot skip two turns in a row. It doesn’t matter if the effects causing that player to skip their turn are the same or not. For instance, if Hong Meiling chose to skip her previous turn, Cirno would not be able to force Meiling to skip her next turn.