Crisis of Faith
Crisis of Faith
Card name:
Crisis of Faith
When this incident enters play, each player except the Heroine flips the top card of the deck until someone flips an Autumn.

That player permanently swaps Role cards with the Heroine and gains 1 life.

Then, resolve this incident.
Gina Chacón

Card FAQ and errata

  • Players that swap Role cards can look at their new Role card.
  • If a player’s Role card changes, their win condition becomes that of their new Role card.
  • Only the new Heroine gains 1 life.
  • If this causes a player to have more life than their max life, their life is immediately reduced to their max life. You do not draw cards for losing life this way.
  • If this causes a player to have more cards in hand than their max hand size, they do not need to discard down to their max hand size until any player’s next discard step.
  • This incident resolves itself automatically on the turn it comes out. Do not draw a new incident until the next player’s incident step.
  • If the Heroine is defeated, but no player has yet won (such as if the only players still active are a Partner and the Final Boss), Crisis of Faith will still swap role cards with the Heroine. This can cause the Heroine to no longer be defeated, and other role to become defeated. For instance, in the previous example, if the Final Boss swaps roles with the Heroine, the Partner and new Heroine will immediately win the game.