Komeiji Satori
Komeiji Satori
The Girl Even the Evil Spirits Fear
When Satori is attacked, she may flip the top card of the deck. If that card is a Winter, she avoids the attack.

Satori may look at any player’s hand once per round.
Spell Card:
Recollection — “Terrifying Hypnotism”
Spell Card timing:
See Text
Spell Card text:
Choose another player’s character and activate their Spell Card as if it were your own. You may choose a defeated player’s character.

Card FAQ and errata

  • Satori may choose to look at another player’s hand at any time, including while other cards are waiting to be resolved. This is a special action that cannot be responded to.
  • The timing of “Terrifying Hypnotism” depends on Spell Card you are activating. If the chosen Spell Card is an Action, it can only be activated during your main step. If it is a Reaction, it can only be activated when the condition described in the Spell Card text is true for you.
  • “Terrifying Hypnotism” and other Spell Cards that don’t have a timing can’t be activated by other players with cards like Capture Spell Card, and they can’t be responded to. This means they can’t be canceled, but players can still play Reaction cards in response to the Spell Card activated by “Terrifying Hypnotism.” That Spell Card can be canceled (unless it explicitly can’t be canceled, such as Remilia Scarlet‘s “Spear the Gungnir.”)