Reisen Udongein Inaba
Reisen Udongein Inaba
Lunatic Moon Rabbit
When a player avoids one of Reisen’s attacks, Reisen may attack another, different player in range.

Use this ability only once per card played.
Spell Card:
Pale Moon Illusion — “Lunatic Red Eyes”
Spell Card timing:
Spell Card text:
Activate this when another player plays a Danmaku card or activates a Spell Card.

Cancel that card. You may copy that card with new targets.
Nanase Nao

Card FAQ and errata

  • When Reisen gets an extra attack from her Ability, the new target must be in range, even if the original Danmaku card allowed her to attack a player regardless of range.
  • Reisen may not attack the same player who avoided the attack when she uses her Ability. If there are no players in range other than the player that avoided the attack, Reisen cannot use her Ability.
  • If Reisen attacks more than one player at a time with a single card, such as Last Word, and one of those attacks is avoided, she may attack a player that was already attacked by that card, as long as they are in range and not the only player who avoided an attack.
  • If Yakumo Yukari avoids one of Reisen’s attacks, both Reisen and Yukari get to make an extra attack. Reisen’s attack will be resolved first, followed by Yukari’s attack.
  • If a card copied by “Lunatic Red Eyes” requires targets to be in range, the new targets must be in range of Reisen.
  • “Lunatic Red Eyes” can be used against Danmaku cards and Spell Cards that cannot be canceled. The card will not be canceled, but Reisen can still copy the effects. Resolve Reisen’s copy first, then the original copy.