Hata No Kokoro
Hata No Kokoro
Poker Face of Abundant Expressions
When Kokoro plays a Danmaku or Invocation card, she may place it in another player’s hand instead of the discard pile after it resolves.

That card cannot be collected by incidents.
Spell Card:
Possession — “Four Humors Possession”
Spell Card timing:
Spell Card text:
Flip the top three cards of the deck. For each card, you may perform an action according to its season.

Spring: Choose a player. They draw a card.
Summer: Attack a player in range.
Autumn: Force a player to discard a card of their choice from their hand.
Winter: Force a player to discard an Item card of your choice that they control.
Lunatic Extra

Card FAQ and errata

  • Players must decide whether or not to cancel “Four Humors Possession” before any cards are flipped. This means they do not know if or who will be attacked by the Spell Card when it resolves.
  • Whenever a player activates “Four Humors Possession,” they must choose targets for the effects before flipping the next card. Flip all three cards before resolving the effects, then resolve the effects in the order that they were flipped.
  • If a Danmaku or Invocation played by Kokoro is canceled, she cannot place it in another player’s hand as part of her Ability.