Hoshiguma Yuugi
Hoshiguma Yuugi
The Storied Unexplainable Phenomenon
Yuugi does not need to discard Powerup cards when she loses life.

When Yuugi would avoid an attack, she may choose to not avoid the attack. If she does, she may attack the attacker, regardless of range. If the attacker is in range, this attack cannot be avoided.
Spell Card:
Mysterious Cycle — “Hell’s Wheel of Pain”
Spell Card timing:
Spell Card text:
Activate this when you are attacked, or when you lose life.

Draw a card. Gain 1 life. You can’t go above your max life.

You may attack a player in range.
Lunatic Extra

Card FAQ and errata

  • Normally when a player is attacked, if they have avoided the attack, that player takes no damage. In the case of Yuugi, at the end of the attack, she may choose to get hit as if she did not avoid the attack. If she would have avoided the attack, and chose to get hit anyway, her Ability allows her to attack the attacker.
  • The choice to not avoid an attack happens after the window for Reaction cards. This means Yuugi can’t avoid an attack, use her Ability to “un-avoid” it, then play another card to re-avoid the attack while still gaining the effects of her Ability. If she chooses to take the hit, she has to actually take the hit.
  • If Yuugi chooses to not avoid an attack using her Ability and she loses life from that attack, she draws for losing life before attacking the attacker.
  • Yuugi can use her Ability to attack the attacker even if she didn’t lose life from the attack, as long as it would have been avoided and she chose to not avoid it. For instance, she could have Fujiwara no Mokou as an extra character, or be at 0 life.