Hakurei Reimu
Hakurei Reimu
Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Players must discard an additional card in order to play a Dodge card against Reimu’s attacks.
Spell Card:
Spirit Sign — “Fantasy Seal”
Spell Card timing:
Spell Card text:
Choose Danmaku, Dodge, Invocation, or Item cards. Until your next turn, players cannot play cards of the chosen type.

You may attack a player in range.
Gina Chacón

Card FAQ and errata

  • If a player does not have an additional card to discard, they cannot play a Dodge card to avoid an attack by Reimu. If you try to do this by accident, just take the Dodge card back into your hand and continue.
  • The effect of “Fantasy Seal” prohibiting the selected card type also affects its user.
  • Players can use the second option of Bomb to cancel Danmaku cards or Spell Cards, even if Invocation cards are prohibited by “Fantasy Seal.”
  • Characters with a Spell Card that cancels another Spell Card (such as Kamishirasawa Keine’s “Phantasmal Emperor”) can use their Spell Card to cancel “Fantasy Seal” even if Invocation cards are chosen.
  • If Dodge cards are prohibited, players attacked by “Fantasy Seal” cannot play a Dodge card to avoid the attack.
  • Players can still activate their Spell Card by different means, even if Invocation cards are prohibited by “Fantasy Seal”. For instance, players can use Mini-Hakkero or the effects of the Overdrive incident.
  • If Item cards are prohibited by “Fantasy Seal,” players cannot play new Item cards from their hand. This has no effect on Item cards already in play, or Item cards put into play by other means (such as from Alice Margatroid’s Spell Card, “Artful Sacrifice”).