Kawashiro Nitori
Kawashiro Nitori
Aquatic Engineer
Nitori has +1 Distance.

On her turn, Nitori may discard an Item card she controls from play to draw a card.
Spell Card:
Water Sign — “Kappa’s Flash Flood”
Spell Card timing:
Spell Card text:
Choose a player. Until your next turn, Item cards they control have no effect.

You may attack that player if they are in range.

Card FAQ and errata

  • Nitori may discard an Item card from play at any time during her turn. For instance, she may discard in response to being attacked.
  • “Kappa’s Flash Flood” disables Item cards before the attack, so when determining if a player is in range or not, do not count any Item cards that increase that player’s Distance.
  • A player affected by “Kappa’s Flash Flood” can still play Item cards.
  • If a player affected by “Kappa’s Flash Flood” plays or gains control of an Item card by any means (such as with “Borrow”), that Item card will have no effect until the start of Nitori’s next turn.
  • If a player plays a Sorcerer’s Sutra Scroll while affected by “Kappa’s Flash Flood”, they will not draw a card when it enters play.
  • If another player gains control of an item controlled by a player that is affected by “Kappa’s Flash Flood,” that item immediately regains its effects.