True Phantom Boss
True Phantom Boss
Card name:
True Phantom Boss
Goal: Defeat all Stage Bosses, then defeat the Heroine.

Mastermind: You have +1 max life.
At the start of your turn you may resolve the current incident. If you do, search the Incident deck for a card, shuffle it, then put the chosen card on top of it.
You may skip your Incident step.
M. Beatriz García

Card FAQ and errata

  • Incidents that have already been played go into the Incident discard pile. The True Phantom Boss cannot choose one of those incidents to place on the Incident deck.
  • The True Phantom Boss may choose to skip their Incident step whether they resolved the current incident or not.
  • If there is no active incident at the start of the True Phantom Boss‘s turn, they may not search the incident deck for a new incident.
  • If the True Phantom Boss skips their incident step when there is no active incident, or after resolving the current incident, they will not play the current incident. That incident will come into play on the next player’s Incident step.
  • It is not strictly required that the Stage Boss roles are defeated before the Heroine in order for the True Phantom Boss to win. As long as the Heroine and all Stage Boss roles have been defeated, and no other player has declared victory yet, the True Phantom Boss can declare victory. However, if the Heroine is defeated before all Stage Boss roles, it is possible that another player (such as a plain Stage Boss) will declare victory and end the game before the True Phantom Boss gets a chance to defeat the remaining Stage Boss roles.
  • For instance, if the Challenger and True Phantom Boss are the only two players still active, neither can declare victory until the other is defeated.