Lily White
Lily White
Card name:
Lily White
Fairy Herald of Spring
During your incident step, flip the top card of the deck.

If it is a Summer, resolve this incident.

If it is a Spring, you lose 3 life.

This is not an attack.

Card FAQ and errata

  • Life loss from Lily White is not an attack, so it can’t be avoided with a Graze. However, if this reduces a player to 0 life, a player can use a 1UP to bring that player’s life back to 1.
  • Life cannot go below 0, so a 1UP card will save a player hit by Lily White, no matter how much life they were at before.
  • When you lose life, draw cards equal to the amount of life lost. If a player is at 2 life when hit by Lily White, and that player is then saved by a 1UP, they draw 2 cards, not 3.