Card name:
Main deck
Point value:
Card types:
Action, Danmaku
Attack a player, regardless of range.

This does not count against your Danmaku card limit.

That player may then discard a Danmaku card to copy this effect.

Card FAQ and errata

  • If the target of Melee chooses to copy it, they may choose to attack any player, not just the player who originally played it.
  • As long as players continue to discard Danmaku cards, they can copy Melee any number of times. This ends when a player either can’t or chooses not to discard a Danmaku card.
  • The copies of Melee count as Danmaku cards for the purpose of effects that depend on Danmaku cards being played.
  • Players can copy Melee even if it is collected by an incident.
  • Copies of Melee can be canceled by cards such as Bomb or Shameimaru Aya’s Ability.
  • If Melee is canceled, the target can no longer copy it.
  • Players attacked by Melee can choose to copy it, even if that attack reduced them to 0 life. When the last copy of Melee resolves, all players still at 0 life are defeated at the same time.
  • Konpaku Youmu can use her Ability to attack another player in range when she plays this card or copies its effect.
  • If Reisen Udongein Inaba cancels and copies Melee with her Spell Card Lunatic Red Eyes, the new target may discard a Danmaku card to copy it like normal.