One True Partner
One True Partner
Card name:
One True Partner
Goal: Defeat all other Partners, Stage Bosses and the Extra Boss. Protect the Heroine.

Shared Fate: When you are defeated, the Heroine must discard all Item cards in play, then choose up to two cards in her hand and discard the rest.
M. Beatriz García

Card FAQ and errata

  • In an 8-player game, the One True Partner can still win if the Heroine is defeated as long as the Rival is still alive to become the new Heroine.
  • As soon as the One True Partner is defeated and reveals her role card, the Heroine must discard immediately. She may not play any cards in response.
  • It is not strictly required that the Heroine survive in order for the One True Partner to win. As long as the Extra Boss and all Stage Bosses have been defeated, and no other player has declared victory yet, the One True Partner can declare victory. However, if the Heroine is defeated, it is possible that another player (such as a Stage Boss) will declare victory and end the game before the One True Partner gets a chance to defeat the remaining Extra Boss and Stage Bosses.
  • For instance, if the One True Partner, EX Boss and Challenger are the only three players still active, no active players can declare victory yet. If the Challenger is defeated first, the EX Boss wins. If the EX Boss is defeated first, the Challenger wins. In this case, the only way for the One True Partner to win is to defeat both the Challenger and EX Boss at the same time, such as with a Last Word.